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  World of Warcraft Gold Guide WoW
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This is a high end WoW gold farming strategy. It is safe and you will not get banned for doing this quest. This strategy works well on normal retail WoW. From my experience, the minimum you should be able to make is 60 gold an hour. Normal is around 100g. There were occasions where I've gotten about 200g an hour.

To start this guide, you must be a Rogue, preferably at level 60. You must have high lock picking skills, 300 ideal. 280 would be a bare minimum. You will also need "Ninja Agro Avoidance" skills or you will be getting a whooping. If there are any lag, server or instance problems, you may run into some problems. Best to do this during off peak hours and on week days.

If you want to make the most out of this guide, get +speed on boots, set all your talents for this strategy. Max stealth, max speed stealthed, insta cool down rogue skills etc. Sprint often, have a friend or a second account to reset the instance. Should only take about 30-20 seconds of your time to reset.

Let's start the guide shall we?
Go to Black Rock Spire and enter instance, follow the white line and go thru the doorway to the right:
Hop down and cut thru the left doorway, there will be 2 roving guards in the tiny hallway, just ninja around them.

When you come out of the doorway look to your right and walk to the edge. The box with the white edit around it is your primary target, this box only spawns about 50% of the time. If the chest is not there, still continue and check for Bannok, (see below) if Bannok is not there, then reset instance now. Don’t worry if you do not see the chest there 4 or 5 times in a row, this is just averages and sometimes you will see it there 4-5 times in a row. Now hug the wall and jump down to a ledge, go straight, then jump down to the other ledge, turn left and go to edge but DO NOT jump off.

Now you need to set a targeting macro, “/target bannok” this is an elite mob that ALWAYS drops a blue,(vendor trash as it BOP and none of the items are for Rogues) and sometimes drops the BP for the Arcanite Reaper which I normally sell for 250g with a 300g buyout. At one point I had 3 of these so I lowered the price a little to get rid of the extras. He is a very weak 59 elite, easy for a Rogue, just DO NOT GET agro or you are toast. Bannok is very rare spawn, I would guess 1 out of 30-50 runs, so just keep your eyes open. If Bannok is not there you will normally target a rat. If Bannok is not here and chest did not spawn then reset instance now. If chest did spawn then follow white line, yes it is a big jump down and you get no damage as a Rogue, and please do not jump on top of the mobs down there LOL!!!


Bannok ONLY spawns at 3 places, “1” and “2” are both in huts and are marked with edits. The third place is at the end of the little Horde city to the left, you will have to pull him with a gun or bow to avoid agro if he is at location 3. You can pull Bannok thru other agro WITHOUT getting the additional agro, they are “different family” mobs.

Continue and follow white line, avoiding agro:
Side Note… Cry… Death in here is extremely painful and time consuming, 90% of your deaths will be from the spiders… general rule of thumb if your stealth is maxed: “as long as one of their legs do not touch you, you are fine”.
WTF, I died… sigh…and the killer walk back…at the top you must use your agro skills here….(go thru Indiana Jones door at end of white line) follow white line… That Fat Ogre roams from the chest to his current position and back either hit the chest when he is roaming or… (YOU MUST HUG WALL when opening chest or you will get agro)

Sap his ass and open chest. Note sapping him will put you “in combat” after you loot chest you can whack him once and jump off edge and give him 15 seconds to exit combat mode, OR waste a vanish to exit combat mode. Ledge you need to go too is behind you, when you open chest. (You were on the ledge before...) Another 16 slot container??? But I already have 4…. :)

Enjoy the Phat loot… Oh my, not another Mooncloth recipe.. What am I going to do with all the coin from the AH???

If you “burn” this strat, it should take you no longer then 45 seconds to see if chest or Bannok is in the instance. If the chest is there it takes no longer then 2 minutes.




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